Finders & Keepers



After making further repairs to their ship on Constance, the crew found a job hauling several pieces of cargo to the Corone Mining Consortium depot in Pasqual Station on Urvasi — only a 2 day trip. In addition to the CMC cargo, the crew was approached by an older man and woman who asked them to transport three sealed caskets to the same destination. The couple paid ₡450 up front, promising an additional ₡450 once the caskets are delivered to a Shepard Andrew Faulkland. The caskets had proper paperwork and medical codings needed, so without too much suspicion, the Crew agreed.

As they left Constance, the three new dead bodies on board reminded the Crew of a fourth body they’ve had for several days — that of their former Captain. A consensus decides to take Captain Rhodes’ body to the authorities once they arrive at their destination.

En Route to Urvasi

Paige Li, takes the time to clean the Captain’s old room out and turn it into her bunk. Meanwhile, Cecillia Bradshaw begins the task of cleaning out the ship’s only shuttle (which had apparently been used as a storage space by Captain Rhodes over the years).

Another crew-wide consensus decides that they want to update the ship’s registry papers, signing Seraphim over to their names. This will take more time than a quick run across the System.

Pasquale Station

Seraphim breaks atmo in the late morning on Urvasi, and they land in Pasquale Station. A team of Corone Mining Consortium laborers picks up the bulk of cargo. Soon thereafter, Shepard Andrew Faulkland arrives with a boy (named Keel) to retrieve the 3 caskets. He pays the Crew an additional ₡450 and loads the caskets onto a mule-drawn carriage.

The Crew goes about the rest of their business: buying, selling, cleaning and registering their Captain’s body with the local authorities.

While alone on the ship, Paige encounters three CMC security guards (led by a buzzed-cut, scarred man named Brighton). Brighton asks for the crew to join him at the CMC headquarters — a higher-up wants to talk to them. Paige comms the rest of the Crew, who arrives quickly. Boomer holds back, following the entourage at a distance.

The Crew is taken to a large CMC complex where they are brought into a warehouse. A dozen men stand in a group around several opened crates that the crew quickly recognize — the 3 caskets they delivered to Andrew Faulkland. One of the men introduces himself as Arthur Meehan, a foreman for the company. He explains that the caskets they delivered did not contain corpses but mining equipment. The CMC has reason to believe that the equipment was destined for a group of miners trespassing and illegally mining on CMC property. Under CMC jurisdiction, these miners are criminals and any individual who aids criminal mining procedures is considered accessories. In other words, the Crew!

Meehan apologizes for the inconvenience, but tells them that he must abide by his company’s policies. However, he is willing to give the Crew a little time to clear up the matter. If they are able to stop the illegal mining venture he will have the CMC drop all charges.

Illegal Pursuits

Foreman Meehan gives the Crew a brief run-down of the situation:

Three months ago, several men arrived in Pasqual Station and asked about mine claim #72-A-37. The former owner of the claim was Travis Bennett, who died in 2510, during the War and left the claim to his wife, Ilsa. Ilsa sold the claim rights to the CMC in 2513. Shortly thereafter, Ilsa remarried. Her new husband is Arthur Meehan. Of interest to the Crew is the fact that during the War Travis Bennett was a quartermaster for the 10-8’s, later known as “The Bloodcoats.”

Also, a week and a half ago, two men who were caught trespassing on CMC property. Their fingerprints matched other prints recovered from previous trespassing incidents. Other recovered prints were found on the crates delivered by the Crew. Arthur Meehan has reason to suspect that they are all part of a ring that has been illegally mining in the Dufresne Mountain region.

The Crew agrees to investigate the situation (partially because their ship is Landlocked and they could be tried as criminal accessories if they do not). Arthur Meehan gives them 24 hours.

The Crew heads East towards Dufresne Mountain. They travel for a few hours, stopping at the location where the crates were found on the side of the road. A trail leads off into a thick forest.

The trail winds through the trees and overgrowth, eventually leading into an abandoned camp. The buildings haven’t been used in years, and only after investigating do they notice a wireless security camera pointed at the center of the camp. Assuming the camera is transmitting, the Crew has been seen. With nothing else of importance in the camp, they follow the road farther East.

A few minutes later, they enter a second abandoned camp and see movement in one of the buildings. Investigating, they realize it’s a Brown Bear. After a short battle, the Crew continues on the road.

A third camp lies several minutes east. This camp seems more recently occupied. A warehouse and several cabins surround a well. The cabins have been slept in. The warehouse has several smaller rooms on the outer edge and a fully gassed 6-wheeled “mule” sits nearby. Isabelle and Boomer begin searching the rooms and find what appear to be pantries with canned goods on the shelves.
In the second pantry they also discover a trapdoor underneath a tarpaulin on the floor. Distracted by a can of “sweet peaches in artificial nectar,” Isabelle begins to eat. Boomer, meanwhile unwilling to take any chances, tosses several concussion grenades down into the opening.

Outside, the blast shakes the ground, scaring Paige and Cecillia. They hop on the 6-wheeler and peel out!

Doc Parker arrives at the trapdoor-ed pantry in time to see Boomer jump into the hole, attacking a bald-headed thug on his way up. Isabelle eats her peaches, watching the Doctor join the brawl.

Local Hospitality

Paige and Cecillia drive East from the camp, following the deer trail towards the mountains. They only get half a kilometer before a man steps out of the forest. Paige forces Cecillia’s leg down, pressing full strength on the brakes, to avoid a collision. The figure, a man in dusty ranch clothes, has a gun raised at the two of them. He demands they step out of the Mule. Cecillia immediately turns on her charm, hoping to persuade him to lower his weapon. After a tense conversation, the man realizes that the women are no threat. He lowers his weapon and offers to return to the camp with them.

Meanwhile, Boomer and Doc Parker’s fight with the bald-headed thug ends when Boomer gets the upper hand and shoots a mug-sized hole in the thug’s chest. The thug has a tattoo on his chest, similar to the Browncoat symbol (upside down black star in a triangle), but his is a little different. Instead of the triangle being green, it’s blood-red. Boomer and Isabelle recognize this as the symbol for the Bloodcoats.

Boomer, Doc and Isabelle contact the girls and call them back to the warehouse. They meet outside and make formal introductions with the man. His name is Content Not Found: Adal, a rancher from nearby who’s investigating the recent trespassing on his land. He admits to turning over two men to the CMC, and was rewarded for his efforts. Now he sees it as a way to make extra money.

The Crew convinces him that they are looking for the same group of illegal miners/trespassers and they agree to work together.

Back in the warehouse, the team goes through the trapdoor and discovers a network of reenforced tunnels. At least a dozen people have lived here recently. In one room they find a series of computers being guarded by a mounted machine gun, rigged to fire at the doorway when heat signatures are present. After disarming the gun, they investigate the computers. Paige discovers a closed circuit broadwave signal being transmitted from the camera at the first camp they encountered. The signal shows the faces of the Crew. Immediately, she pulls every plug and turns off the computer, hoping she ended the transmission.

Through the next doorway they find mining tunnels. The tunnels are confusing, wandering off in different directions. As they explore, they find a tangler trap and, later on, a trip wire that causes a good-sized explosion and small-sized panic.

Eventually, the Crew comes to a large cavern where several men are defending a drill rig aimed at a rock wall. The firefight ends in the Crew’s favor and a “suddenly” open cavern. Inside the cavern they find a cache of weapons, ammunition, food and a missile.

Adal offers to hold the main haul of stockpiled goods, including the missile (as long as he can have the bounty on the illegal miners). The Crew of Seraphim agree. They take a small portion of the goods and leave Urvasi.


In the Eavesdown Docks, Persephone, the Characters meet by hiring on to crew a Sandfly Class Transport called Seraphim. Their Captain is a grizzled man with a husky voice named A.E. Rhodes. Rhodes brings them on board and explains that he’s making a run along the New Canaan trade route and the crew is welcome to stay for as long as they like… assuming they don’t piss him off first.

Their first job is to deliver several pieces of subderal mining equipment to Sherman Cross on Constance in the Kalidasa System.

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