Cecillia Bradshaw

The Companion


Strength- 6
Agility- 8
Vitality- 8
Intelligence- 12
Willpower- 10

|Type |Damage |Range |Rate |Magazine |
Lady smith ? ? ? ?


Cecilia had the life of luxury growing up. Both of her parents wealthy beyond imagination. Her father is the top lawyer in Osiris and owned his own firms on several core planets (Thompson&Bradshaw). While her mother is the head trauma surgeon for Cross Star Interplanetary Hospital as well as a very respected professor at MedAcad. Being sent to private schooling during the time of the war, Cecilia was brought up in the Alliance media and was easily persuaded that the Alliance is what is best, however, being exceedingly smart in social relations and picking up languages and cultures unusually fast, Cecilia began to question the political pull of the Alliance and decided to see the Galaxy on her own to craft her own opinion. Upon telling her parents her ideas, she was immediately shut down for the war was in full swing and space was no place for a “little girl” being only 11 at the time and just finishing up secondary private schooling. It was now time for Cecilia to find a college to attend. She wanted to become a pilot but her mother snuffed out that idea as it was “To low for the families image”

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Cecillia & Lillian at an epilepsy MedAcad Charity Gala

The only person who she could turn to was her little sister, who was younger than her by two years. Cecilia told her everything and Lillian in turn told her everything, they were joined at the hip and Cecilia promised Lillian that they would see the universe together. Knowing that Cecilia wanted to see the universe but could not be a pilot, Lillian suggested that Cecilia go to The Companions house Onesta majoring in Public Relations focusing in Political Sciences with a minor in Religious Studies. Her parents were not so keen on the idea of having a companion in the family but whatever Lillian asked for because she got because she had an incurable disease known as paroxysmal epilepsy. Cecilia went to work on becoming a companion though it was not long that she discovered that her own father was black listed on the Guilds registry for reasons unknown, which sparked her insatiable curiosity.

It was the first year through college that challenged Cecilia the most. The constant influence of her family weighing on her personal image only made her that much more determined to finish and leave Osiris for good. at the end of her first year however, Lillian died of a fatal siezure due to a paroxysmal epileptic attack, if that wasn’t enough, her parents told her that now her sister is no longer there, and the thought of having a companion in the family, she should go to the Law University that her father invests in (as well as being an alumn). Coming to thoroughly enjoy companionship and the schoolingnthatbshe had received in the past year, she went to the priestess for help. Priestess Frealla urged all of the houses to give the AGCS (academically gifted companion scholarship) because Cece was already two years ahead of her peers and her interview process went though as easy as her father getting an acquittal, she received the scholarship and finally graduated in the top 5% with a few very important clients. One of which gave her this very ornate hair clip that Cecilia holds very dear because it is the first gift/tip that she had received from a client. In going to the companions college, Cecilia learned that many of the companions (who she now called sister as they helped her through the death of her own) wanted to see the universe as well but may never be able to do so. This gave Cecilia the idea of opening up her own “Companion Ship” To house a few companions to fulfill their client list but also travel around the galaxy. Her parents keen on building ones empire from the ground up told Cecilia that she must make her own way to prove that she is indeed a Bradshaw. They gave her some money and sent her on her way.

Now that she has finished University, Cecilia told her parents that she needed to go fulfill her dream of seeing the galaxy. With that, Cecilia went off looking for ships needing a companion that would go to the outer rim and back.

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Cecillia on Constance

Cecillia Bradshaw

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