Paige Li

Teenage girl with a knack for technical engineering.

Weapon Damage Range Rate Magazine
Bow d4w 70ft. All n/a

Once the promising face of high society, wealth, and poise, Paige Li used to have it all. Her father was a brilliant technical engineer who developed the most advanced equipment and devices for the Alliance. Her mother was a former companion, whose reputation of beauty and expertise only preceded her. Sadly, she passed when Paige was only 3 due to a heart condition. Despite The War for Unification still in full throttle at the time, her father was able to remarry. Only a few years after the death of her mother, Paige’s father conjoined with a woman who although still upheld the same beauty and poise Paige’s mother once did, was about as warmhearted as the Purple Bellies were to the Browncoats.


Despite her stepmother’s lack of affection, Paige was given every luxury and comfort available. Her goal was to turn Paige into a well-respected woman of Londinum; she felt it was her right and duty to society. The issue was that Paige really didn’t care for it. That said she made a very conscious effort to avoid her stepmother as often as possible. Her life was mainly consumed with time spent inventing her own devices by disassembling the little gadgets her father would give her; it was the one thing she found serenity in. When she wasn’t working on that she would either be cooking with the house Chef, practicing her aim with her bow and arrow, visiting the Londinum Museum, or snuggled up in her favorite spot in her father’s study.


One night, when Paige was asleep, she was suddenly awoken by a loud banging from the front door. It was the Feds and they had come for her father. Apparently he was being accused of potentially exploiting the Alliance’s darkest secrets. After the arrest, the Feds questioned everyone in the household, all the while raiding their home. Afterward, their home looked as if a storm had come through. In an attempt to restore what was left of her father’s work, she retreated to his study to clean up. Heartbroken and exhausted, Paige stood in the middle of the room wondering what had just happened. Was it true? Did her father really do what they said he did? And what was it they were looking for? It wasn’t until she was putting some of his books back that she realized something wasn’t right. She had been in his study a million times, she knew that everything had a place, and rarely every left it. But something was off. Placed in between her father’s collection of Earth-That-Was fairy tales was a book she’d never seen before. If you weren’t looking for it, you would never have noticed it.


The next year was probably the worst in her life. Paige’s father was put on trial and executed for treason and extortion. Interpol and the SAS seemed to be popping up everywhere she went. Their credits slowly dwindled away as her stepmother did not work but insisted on preserving what was left of their name. Not to mention the fact that she only became more irate and unpleasant. She was harassed at school for her father’s newly public treachery and worst of all she didn’t know what to do with the information she had found out. She was only 16 and couldn’t take down the Alliance by herself. Even if she tried, she’d more than likely end up like her father. She needed time, she needed a plan, and she needed to get away.


On the eve of her birthday, Paige decided to run away. She no longer could take the obscurity of her stepmother or the ever present loom of the Alliance. She packed a bag with the things that were most important to her and left for town. She didn’t have many friends so being missed wouldn’t be a problem. She wasn’t quite sure what she was looking for, but she was certain of one thing…wherever she went needed to be as far away from home as possible.

Paige Li

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