New Dunsmier
Nouveau Lyon
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Planetary Information

Designation P/2031(Kalidasa)16
Sun Orbited Kalidasa
Orbital Position 15 th from primary
Satellites 1. Hastur
Date Terraformed 2433
Diameter 12,026km
Mass 5.339×10 21 tonnes
Population 184,000,000
Planetary Capital New Dunsmier
Parliamentary Overseer Kelsey Stoltenberg, Governor


The heavily industrialized planet of Beaumonde has been the manufacturing hub of the Kalidasa system since the planet’s founding. Its cities are surrounded by factories that produce everything from computer parts to ceramic coffee mugs.

Due to the high industrial output, pollution has always been a problem. Beaumonde’s cities have been covered in a perpetual haze since it’s completion. Weather control systems process the worst of the pollution, but the science-minded believe the long-term effects may be more difficult to take care of. Every year more pollutants find their way into the water and the soil, causing many problems for those who live off the land. Because of this, some people moved their homes or businesses underground to escape the air pollution.

Despite attempts to issolate the most poisonous industrial processes, Beaumonde’s manufacturing centers still cause some of the most severe pollution seen on any populated world. Still, the planet maintins an impressive bulk-food output. This is largely due to algae farms that specialize in a strain bred to thrive in difficult environments.

The Beaumonde Industrial Congress regulates most of the planet’s business and oversees the local guilds. A power-sharing agreement has the Congress rotating between Bellforge, Dazhong and Astrid every eight years. It is important for transport ships and crew to know which is the current seat, as the Congress also houses Beaumonde’s trade offices.


Beaumonde became a UAP member world shortly after its founding, although inhabitants will say that they have always been more “independent.” At the outbreak of the Unification War, Beaumonde’s government refused its citizens’ demand for secession, leading to an armed coup. Pro-Independence rioters stormed the Capitol and took control within a matter of minutes. Captain Zachary Britt was given magisterial control of the world, while former Governor Elijah Diaz escaped capture with a handful of officials.

Despite this, New Dunsmier was captured in January 2509 after several weeks of non-stop fighting between the two sides. Once captured, the Alliance gained control of all major shipping routes in and out of the system. Kalidasan Independents were effectively cut off from their reinforcements in Georgia and Red Sun. Beaumonde quickly become a major staging area for Alliance personnel and supply shipments.

Locations of Note

  • New Dunsmier, the capital of Beaumonde, is the only city on the planet that has no factories. Located on the Katalina Ocean, New Dunsmier is a popular tourist destination. Many wealthy factory owners have made their homes here, as do those who work in the tourist industry. In all, New Dunsmier is a beautiful city with avenues of trees and carefully maintained flower gardens.
  • The religious refuge at the Paolina Monestary became the site of a three week battle during 2510, resulting in (what some consider) the most horrific massacre during the War of Unification.


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