Beggar's Tin

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Beggar’s Tin

Planetary Information

Designation S/2173(Silverhold)01
Primary Orbited Silverhold
Orbital Position 1 st from primary
Date Terraformed 2417
Diameter 10,881km
Mass 4.66×10 21 tonnes
Population 377,000
Planetary Capital Atmosphere
Parliamentary Overseer Edward Hensley, Magistrate


Prior to terraforming, Beggar’s Tin was an ice covered world with little to offer. Geothermal excavation of the moon determined it to be adequate for settling, though much of the world would still be covered with ice. The ice, it was thought, would be a good source of income, so plans were made. Terraforming ended in 2417.

Beggar’s Tin features a large polar ice cap covering 42% of the northern hemisphere, and several scattered ice caps dot 23% of the southern. This leaves only %35 percent of the world viable for settlement (though many small pockets of “civilization” do live in the colder areas). During terraforming, glacial degradation left deep, hollow tunnels under the surface

Tundra and taiga turned into steppe and grassland, dotted now and then by large lakes. the rest was ice, lots and lots of ice. The ice caps covered around 40% of the moon but the cold narrowed down the ‘liveable’ area of the planet to about 20% of the surface area, around the equator. Even that was temperate at best.

Almost four hundred thousand people call Beggar’s Tin home. Nearly a quarter of those people live in the capital city of Atmosphere, an unbelievably crowded city huddled around the old atmosphere generator tower. Corporations did not maintain a presence on Silverhold, citing an ‘unfriendly environment’ but had relocated their activity on the small moon. The Unified reclamation was first, then the CMC, Blue Sun and all the usual suspects. In the post war years, with corporations pushing for more power, industrial espionage and even sabotage has thrived on Silverhold and the city of Atmosphere with it. A hundred thousand workers have poured into the town in the last six years and they all live in precarious,crowded conditions, work for nothing and are constantly monitored by corporate police. The Miner’s guild keeps a weary eye on Atmosphere and its motley crew of corporate bandits but there is little it can do.


Beggar's Tin

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