Clothing and Accessories

Item Cost(Credits/Platinum) Availability Notes
Baton ₡ 30/75p A Usually issued, not bought
Clothes, Registered Companion ₡ 50/125p C Fancy and expensive wardrobe
Cold-weather Gear ₡ 10/25p E Heavy coat, pants, boots, gloves, etc.
Dress, Party ₡ 15/38p E A store-bought party dress
Firefighting Gear ₡ 40/100p C Usually issued, not bought
Frock, Gingham ₡ 2/5p E Usually homemade
Hat ₡ 1. 3/4p E Variety of styles and sizes
Poncho ₡ 0. 8/2p E Simple rain cloak
Shirt, Floral Print ₡ 1. 8/5p E Stylish tropical patterns
Suit, Men’s ₡ 20/50p E Off-the-rack three piece; shoes extra
Uniform, Alliance - A Issued, not bought; Illegal for non-Alliance types
Uniform, Medico - C Issued by hospital
Uniform, Technocrat - A Issued, not bought; Illegal for non-Alliance types
Vestment, Shepherd’s - C Issued by church, not bought
Walking Stick ₡ 3. 2/8p E Doubles as a light club or baton

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Also called swagger sticks, ceremonial batons are favored as a sign of authority by highranking Alliance officers. Those crested with the insignia of an eagle indicate upper echelons. During the Unification War, Browncoats were told to concentrate fire on anyone carrying a baton. This curbed their popularity dramatically. It’s been a few years now and they’re coming back into fashion.

Clothes, Registered Companion

There are few things in the ‘Verse as heart-stopping wondrous as the sight of a Companion in the altogether, but a close second would be a Companion dressed in his or her full regalia. Elegant lines and the highest craftsmanship in the classic sense, a Companion’s garments manage the difficult balance between being outstanding and utterly at place, both at once. Whether it be a ball-gown, a robe, or a paislied kimono, a single set of a Companion’s clothes are usually worth more than the horse you rode in on.

Cold-Weather Gear

An insulated outfit offering the best in protection from cold temperatures, whether weather-based or in an environment offering similar conditions. It consists of an insulated parka, hood, gloves, pants, and heavy boots.

Wearing cold-weather gear provides a +2 step to Survival actions in cold climates.

Dress, Party

When you need to look your best for that oh-so-special invite, it’s time to pull out all the stops and put your party dress on. Could be made-to-order, or you could buy whatever looks prettiest in the shop window. As a warning, those who can afford to get theirs made special are quick to judge those who can’t.

Firefighting Gear

Flame-retardant, heat-shielded garments of the type used by firefighters on ground or in the black. This includes a sealed helmet with an air filtration system or oxygen bottles, a heavy jacket, boots, pants, gloves, and a harness for equipment such as a fire axe, extinguisher, and prybar.

Wearing firefighting gear offers a +2 step to VITALITY for actions in fiery conditions, or the same bonus to Endurance (Willpower + Vitality) and Resistance (Vitality + Vitality) rolls versus extreme heat.
Firefighting gear also provides an Armor Rating of 4 S.

Frock, Gingham

A common sort of dress, worn by settlers out on the Rim. Frilly floral bonnet optional.


Whether it’s a fine cowboy hat, a knit cap from your mother, or a natty bowler worn by criminal lowlifes, a hat is good for two things: keeping the sun off your head and swatting flies.


A hooded rain slicker usually made of thin nylon or vinyl. It doesn’t offer any benefits other than keeping you dry, but that’s enough for most folks.

Shirt, Floral Print

A causal, short-sleeved shirt for the free-spirited sort of dresser, comfortable, cool, and visually refreshing all at once.

Suit, Men’s

A fine two- or three-piece suit in whatever style you favor. You can get a good measure of a man by the suit he wears. For those with serious money, it’s bespoke; with a little money, it’s tailored; for the rest, its off-the-rack.

Uniform, Alliance

Sometimes it’s a useful thing to have a spare Alliance uniform around, whether it be from a soldier or an officer. There’re few people in the ‘Verse that’ll ask questions of someone in the black and grays. If you’re smart, you’ll steal a set. If you’re dumb or just plumb crazy, you take one the prior owner got no more use for. Might want to take caution to wash the blood out before you try to pass yourself off as someone you’re not. Naturally, there’s considerable penalty for owning Alliance threads, but for some jobs, the gains outweigh the risks.

Uniform, Medico

Say you want to infiltrate a hospital to lay hands on some expensive pharmaceuticals, medical gear, or to take advantage of the best facilities the Alliance has to offer. Having a medico uniform on hand is the sly way to go about getting what you want. It’s not necessarily illegal to possess a medico’s uniform if you don’t have the IdentCard to go with it, but more’n likely you’re up to something that’ll put you on the wrong side of the law.

Uniform, Technocrat

As with the Alliance black and grays, showing up looking like a technocrat opens all kinds of doors, sometimes without anyone daring to ask you to show your IdentCard. Usually, out on the Rim, a Technocrat’s uniform is a sign of a big enough bie woo lohng to earn a visit from the head office. That’ll put fear into a man’s heart, and a fearful man is a careless man.

Vestment, Shepherd’s

The black coat and pants, grey shirt and white collar all come with the ordainment. It’s not illegal for non-Shepherds to wear the vestment, but true believers might take offense.

Walking Stick

A cane roughly a meter in length, with an end that’s either a knob, curved, or bent. Some walking sticks conceal thin-bladed swords, small pistols, explosive charges, or even more sophisticated technological devices. In desperate times, a walking stick can serve as a light club.

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( NOTE: Information here has been copied from the Serenity Corebook and Six-Shooters & Spaceships supplement guide.)


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