Planetary Information

System Kalidasa (Rim)
Position 3 rd from primary
Satellites 1. Barrowclough
2. Disraeli
Date Terraformed 2415
Diameter 11,976km
Mass 5.527×10 21
Population 85,000,000
Capital City Palisade
Parliamentary Overseer Nielson Groff, Governor

Constance is a beautiful and geologically active world covered with stark mountain ranges and sweeping plains. The world enjoys a warm spring and only mild winters. Historically, the land is 75% fertile, and farmers working there have made excellent money in the past decades. Unfortunately, few fresh water sources exist naturally on the surface, leading settlers to crowd around the world’s major “oceans.” Further exacerbating the situation, gravitonic instability on both poles have caused water to slowly dry up. Alliance scientists have been looking at using the world’s former terraforming stations to fix the problem, but a solution is still decades away.

In recent years, receding water lines have exposed a number of precious ores, leading to a second wave of immigration. Water has become the new commodity, and many businessmen have made a brisk trade in selling potable water to incoming prospectors.

In recent years the world’s luster has faded somewhat in the public eye and the population has been struggling for the past century to adjust fully to their less volatile economy. Whole towns along Constance’s scenic coastlines have been all but abandoned over the years as an urban migration has gripped the world.

Previous Shipments

  • April 19, 2517 — Delivered 9 cases of water purification crystals, 2 industrial grade drill bits, and 1 case of green tea sake to Sherman Cross in Crosston.