Dyton Syndicate


The Dyton Syndicate is a criminal underground group on Dyton, first moon of Greenleaf, known as the go-to group for illegal or contraband goods in the ‘Verse. Depending on a buyer’s need, prices can be anywhere from reasonable to outrageous. The Syndicate keeps mostly to itself, protecting its assets by using “subcontractors” to get jobs done and goods where they need to go. These subcontractors — a vast network of individuals and ship crews — often only meet or are contacted by single representatives of the Syndicate, again to protect the greater organization. Informants (“ears”) often provide information to the group, who in turn solicits a crew (the “meat”) to do the job. Payment for jobs is usually on-the-level, but the Syndicate is known to adjust the conditions or requirements if situations allow it.

Traditionally, the Dyton Syndicate only employs citizens from Dyton as full members, but on other worlds it’s common to find non-Dytons (“Nondies,” for short) working for the local Syndicate head. The leaders of these local branches most-assuredly originate from the moon and are identified with code names based on animals found in the Dyton ecosystem.

Chapters of the Dyton Syndicate can be found on more than two dozen planets throughout the ‘Verse, though the current Syndicate leader remains quite safe in Dyton’s capital city. Few non-Syndicate members have met him, and fewer Nondies have spoken about him, but rumors persist that he is a steroid-enhanced brute named “Bison” who oversees the entire operation from an otherwise mundane business front.


Greenleaf and its three moons were terraformed in the late 2200’s, and Dyton specifically was colonized by low-risk criminals who agreed to assist the terraforming, and later, to work their sentences in medical processing facilities established planetside. Once their servitude was complete, they were unbound and allowed to leave. Unfortunately there was little money to be had and freed criminals were forced to stay on the world, working menial jobs for high power medical companies in the Core.

Beginning as a collection of people working in various branches of Greenleaf’s medical industry to secure needed supplies for the population of Dyton, the “Relief Effort” (as it was called) couldn’t ignore the prices that their labors were fetching. Over time, “the Effort” became a for-profit group supplying stolen medicines to the poorer communities of the Red Sun System, eventually expanding to provide near anything needed by it’s affiliates and buyers. As of the early 26th century, the Syndicate has expanded to all manner of illegal activity, with each branch operating as a spearhead for its region’s needs.

Current Events

The war was good for business, or so the rumors say. Independents contacted the Dyton Syndicate several times to resupply their frail medical caches. Additionally, Independent leaders hired out some of their best personnel to pilot and crew ships loaded with supplies bound for all corners of the ’Verse.

However, relations with the Syndicate grew strained with Evan Ambrose‘s reoccupation of Greenleaf, and subsequent distribution of medical supplies in the name of the Independents. By Ambrose’s actions, the Syndicate’s money base was severed. Whispers in Red Sun say that there is a price on his head.

Syndicate Heads of Note

Though the Dyton Syndicate is a mafia-style organization, some information is known by the ‘Verse at large. Notably, the names of several prominent heads of various worlds’ branches.

  • Badger, based out of Eavesdown Docks, Persephone
  • Otter, based out of Newhome, Beylix
  • Wren, based out of Capital City, Osiris
  • Finch, based out of Beaumonde
  • Mule, based out of Fort Liberty, Meridian

Dyton Syndicate

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