Evan Ambrose

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Born October 29, 2463 on Gohghe, Evan Lyle Ambrose is the son of Conner Ki Ambrose, acclaimed director of the film Hu Dieh Yin. His father’s film’s dramatic space battles and cultural implications of military life lead young Evan to pursue a commission in the Allied Naval Academy.

After graduating in 2491 with a specialty in tactics and infiltration, Ensign Ambrose was assigned to the IAV Renlentless. His meteoric rise in the ranks lead many in the Navy to take notice. By 2500, at the age of 37, Ambrose was the youngest person in Alliance history to command their own ship, the IAV Constantine.

A brilliant tactician and diplomatic officer, Commander Ambrose received several commendations his first and second tour as CO.

At the start of the War of Unification, Constantine was a responder to the Invasion of Persephone and the Battle of Lux. Ambrose commanded the Constantine during several other space battles over the next two years, and was eventually promoted to General-in-Chief of Alliance Forces following the dismissal of Jeremiah Hildebrand.

Ambrose knew that reclaiming Verbena was a key to Alliance victory and made preparations to mount a fourth invasion attempt. However, Alliance military strategy considered Athens a more viable target, and ordered Ambrose to force Athens’ surrender using all means necessary.

A fleet of dropships and bomb escorts accompanied Ambrose to Athens, where on Christmas Day, 2507, kinetic charges and bio-weapons detonation lasted for three days. By the end of the third day civilization on Athens was all but destroyed. Independent Forces withdrew to Hera and Boros. It was a victory for the Alliance, but citizens in the Core protested the heavy weapons use in the attack. The media blamed Ambrose and his supposed need for career advancement. The Alliance directorate agreed, dismissing Ambrose without question.

Feeling rejected and hurt by the rash decision, unable to defend the actions imposed on him by superiors, Ambrose abandoned his career. On January 28, 2508 Ambrose and Crane Company defected to the Independents, vowing to expose Alliance misdeeds.

Within the next year Ambrose lived throughout the Border and Rim, leading attacks on Alliance ships, outposts and supply stores. Christmas Day, 2508 (one year to the day of the bombings on Athens, Ambrose lead Crane Company to reoccupy Greenleaf for the Independents. Alliance attempts to re-take the world were staved off by Ambrose’s command experience and top-notch team of former Alliance officers. The occupation was a failure, however, forcing Ambrose to go into hiding. By Summer 2509, he found his way to Hera where he worked close with General Leeland King to coordinate a black-ops infantry group known as the 45th Special Forces — known simply as “The Nightingales.”

Throughout the remainder of the War, Ambrose’s group (comprised of many former Crane Company soldiers) performed infiltration missions, covert operations, smuggling and terrorist acts in the name of the Independents.

By 2511, Ambrose had a heavy bounty on his head; so much so that even during Armistice negotiations, he was denied amnesty. For his actions against the Alliance, Ambrose was charged with treason. However, he failed to meet with Allied officers for his surrender. To this day, he is a wanted man.

Evan Ambrose

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