General Tools

General Tools

Item Cost Availibility Notes
Burn Gel ₡ 2 I 4 applications
Fire Jelly ₡ 0.2 E Heating element for cooking
Forensics Kit ₡ 20 C Contains evidence gathering and analysis supplies
Forgery Kit ₡ 40 I Supplies for falsifying documents
Fusion Torch ₡ 2 R Welding torch
Garden Bunk ₡ 18 C Shipboard mini-garden
Generator, Portable ₡ 12 E Runs indefinitely without fuel
Grappler ₡ 8 R Grapple gun and 50 feet of line
Gun Vac Case ₡ 2.6 C Allows a firearm to function in a vacuum
Gun Cleaning Kit ₡ 2.4 E Gun and knife cleaning care and gear
Multiband ₡ 4.8 C Multi-function watch
Multi-Tool ₡ 2 E Multi-function pocket tool
Paint Set ₡ 2 E Set of paints, brushes, brush cleaners, and canvas
Patch Tape ₡ 1.2 E 10-yard roll of airtight cloth patching
Purification Cystals ₡ 0.4 E Prepares 20 gallons of water to drink
Sewing Kit ₡ 1 E Contains the basics for clothing repairs
Snaplink ₡ 1 E Metal clip for linking chains and gear together
Trash Incinerator ₡ 7.4 E Disposes of organic trash
Welding Tape ₡ 1 E Strong chemical adhesive; price per meter

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Burn Gel

This clear chemical gel is safe to handle with bare hands, but when a slight electrical charge is run through it, it becomes an extremely powerful acid. It can cut through near anything, up to and including a ship’s hull. The gel is extruded from a pistol-shaped dispenser, and a thin trail of it leads to an igniter. Burn gel works anywhere — underwater or vacuum. It burns for as long as the charge is active, so it’s perfectly safe to handle once the igniter is shut off or removed.

If you were to misuse it, the corroder would cause d4 W burn damage to the unfortunate person — even more if the gel were applied to a sensitive-type area.

Forensics Kit

A forensics kit is used for collecting and analyzing evidence, such as you’d find at the scene of a crime. It’s got a lot of tiny little containers, plastic envelopes, fingerprint tapes, imagers, gloves, swabs, brushes, scrapers, tweezers, magnifying glasses, a microscope, a cellular imager, and other odds and ends.

Using a forensics kit grants a +2 step to Medicine/Forensics and similar Skill actions.

Forgery Kit

Gear what helps you forge official papers, identification, and other documentation. This kit includes a portable computer and printer, a wide range of paper types, specialty inks, a holo-seal printer, a high-resolution scanner, and a number of chemicals and synthetic materials useful for adding a bit of authenticity to phony documents.

Fusion Torch

A useful tool capable of cutting through metal or fusing it together. Most types operate on a battery charge, or use a chemical tank for fuel.

Garden Bunk

When you can’t afford to buy fresh vegetables, you can grow ‘em–even on your boat where the ‘garden bunk’ has become moderately popular. Consisting of a plastic soil trough (sized to fit on a small bed), it comes with growing lamps and a small sprinkler system. Garden bunks don’t afford a huge harvest, but when morale is down, a few fresh tomatoes can do wonders.

Generator, Portable

This suitcase-sized generator provides enough power to handle all of the needs of a medium-sized campsite or domicile.


A gun that uses a compressed air canister to launch a grapple hook and attached line. The hook can either be snagged on an edge, or fired directly into a wooden or concrete surface. It has a range of 50 feet. The cable is tough enough to withstand roughly 1,200 pounds of weight, and the gun has an integral wheel so it can be used to slide down the cable. Variations on grapplers include those with magnetic clamps or fancier models with internal winches allowing the grappler to pull the user up the cable’s length.

Gun Case

Since most weapons need atmo to fire, it stands to reason someone would think of a way to fire one in space, too. A gun case is designed for a specific type of gun. It closes around the front end, making it look like it’s got a barrel about five times wider than it should be. The case pumps air into the chambers and barrel when you pull the trigger, allowing the weapon to discharge normally. Unfortunately, a lot of the internal atmo is wasted with each pull, so the air generally lasts for only 10 shots before the case needs to be refilled back on the ship.

Gun-Cleaning Kit

Every good soldier (and settler) knows that you need to take care of your weapons if you want them to take care of you. Guns need to be cleaned and sometimes repaired. This small kit includes all the tools necessary for such. Bought on the Rim, the kit most likely comes in a leather pouch about the size of a shoulder bag. Purchased on the Core, it will come in a professional-looking metal case.


The evolution of the digital watch has led, at long last, to the Multiband. It’s an all-in-one watch, digital compass, calculator, alarm, radio receiver, generic remote control, and voice memo. Unfortunately, multibands break easily and are mostly popular among students as a fashion accessory. The varieties range from cheap versions in plastic cases to gold-plated ones sold out of suitcases by shady men on street corners.


A handy little combination tool consisting of pliers, scissors, screwdriver, pryer, knife blades, file, and a bunch of other widgets, depending on how fancy it is. It’s no substitute
for a set of precision tools, but in a pinch, a multi-tool will do fine by you.

Paint Set

A set of paints (watercolors, synthetics, or oils), brushes, a few tools for keeping ‘em clean and a box to store the whole mess in. Outside of a Companion’s personal effects, this isn’t something you’d find much out on the Rim.

Patch Tape

A holdover from the war, patch tape looks like a roll of shiny rubber material. The thin tape is airtight, and the adhesive coating on one side provides a hold strong enough to seal a vacuum
suit at full pressure. Hull breaches and the like usually can’t be fixed in this manner, but if some sah gwa wants to try it, it’s his funeral. Keeping a roll in a vac-suit pocket can often be a life-saver.

Purification Crystals

Frontier settlers and soldiers usually stock packets of these powdery, pale blue crystals. One packet (a box has 20) can cleanse up to a gallon of water for human consumption, killing pretty much all bacteria and parasites, just as if you’d boiled it.

Sewing Kit

A bunch of spools of thread, a bundle of needles and pins, and a tiny pair of scissors can keep your duds looking a little less raggedy than they might otherwise.


An oval-shaped ring of metal with one section that opens and locks closed, snaplinks are used everywhere to secure gear. They come in a variety of weights, from ones thick as a finger for holding cargo, to smaller ones used to fasten personal gear onto your belt or harness.

Trash Incinerator

Most ships come equipped with some way to dispose of garbage, but there is always a market for ways to quickly and quietly get rid of refuse. The incinerator is a small metal crate fitted with electrical heating coils; it can destroy, in a matter of moments, almost any organic material that can fit into the 2’x2’x2’ space. The resulting residue and ash is collected in a small filter that occasionally needs to be cleaned.

Welding Tape

A chemical-imbued adhesive tape that can instantly weld two metal surfaces together. To use it, stick it to one metal surface, remove the neutralizing backing, and stick the other metal surface to it, sandwiching the tape between ‘em. The chemicals in the tape rapidly ignite and produce an adhesive weld, sticking the two substances together with near the strength of a proper weld.

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( NOTE: Information here has been copied from the Serenity Corebook and Six-Shooters & Spaceships supplement guide.)

General Tools

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