Georgia System

Georgia System

System Information

Capital Athens
Settled 2240
Protostars 1. Murphy
Gas Giants 1. Elphame
2. Daedelus
Terrestrial Planets 15
Moons 38
Asteroid Belt None
Population 6 billion


The Georgia System, also known as “Huang Long” or the “Yellow Dragon” System, is one of two star clusters comprising an area of the ’Verse known as The Border . Georgia and the Red Sun System share an L 3 orbit around the Core.


For the first few years of the Unification War, Alliance military attention had been on Kalidasa System, leaving Georgia to see little of the Alliance’s typically abrasive warring. Christmas Day 2507, saw the worst of the Alliance’s strength, when the widescale bombing of Athens left the world nearly uninhabitable. To the ’Verse media, the Alliance Directorate condemned its own approval of the bombing, claiming it only approved the use of standard warheads in its attacks on Independent Forces.

For civilians, Boros and Newhope became refugee worlds; Newhope’s official neutrality with the Alliance allowed for such a status, while Boros had to fight for the right. Alliance battle cruisers continually monitored the worlds from a distant orbit to make sure neither allowed contraband supplies or Independent troops to be stationed there.

Georgia System

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