Hand-to-Hand Weapons

Hand-to-Hand Weapons

Item Damage Cost (Credits/Platinum) Weight Availibility
Axe d8 W ₡ 2/5p 8 E
Baton, Security d2 S ₡ 1.2 / 3p 2 E
Baton, Stun d2 S * ₡ 12 / 30p 2 C
Bayonet d2 or d4 W ₡ 1. 6/4p 1 E
Blackjack d2 S ₡ 0. 8/2p 1 E
Bottle, Broken d2 W 0. 5 E
Brass Knuckles * ₡ 0.8 / 2p 1 E
Caltrop 1 W + special ₡ 2/5p 1 E
Chain d4 B 2 E
Chopper d6 W 5 R
Claws d4 W ₡ 2. 2/6p 3 each R
Club d6 B ₡ 0.2 / 1p 3 E
Garrote d2 S ₡ 1. 2/3p or improvised E
Hacker d6 W 6 R
Hatchet d6 W ₡ 16 / 40p 4 E
Knife, Combat d4 W ₡ 1.6 / 4p 1 E
Knife, Utility d2 W ₡ 0.8 / 2p E
Lasso ₡ 0.8/2p 1 E
Machete d4 W ₡ 3.2 / 4p 3 E
Nunchaku d4 B ₡ 0. 8/2p 3 E
Polearm d6 W ₡ 3. 3/8p 12 E
Ripper d8 W 12 R
Spear d6 W ₡ 2. 8/7p 8 E
Staff d6 B ₡ 1. 6/4p 5 E
Stunner d6 S + special ₡ 3/8p 1 C
Sword, Combat d6 W ₡ 24 / 60p 6 E
Sword, Extensible d6 W ₡ 40/100p 2 I
Sword, Gentleman’s d4 W ₡ 26 / 65p 1 C
Tool d4 B ₡ 2/5p 4 E
Tool, Farming d4 B ₡ 2/5p 8 E
Tool, Power d6 B ₡ 4/10p 12 E
Whip d4 S + special ₡ 3. 1/8p 2 E

*see description; B = Basic Damge; S = Stun Damage; W = Wound Damage

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Whether you’re talking about a woodsman’s tool or something fierce like a Reaver might boast, an axe is pretty much the same—a handle with a perpendicular blade facing away from it.

Baton, Security

The collapsible metal rod that extends up to two feet when unfolded is used for beatin’ on folk who trespass where they ain’t wanted. Usually has a rubber grip on one end.

Baton, Stun

Kinda like a standard security baton, but with more zap and less thwap. Instead of smacking someone with this, you use it like a cattle-prod and poke them. A battery in the handle discharges a fairly large jolt, enough to shock without doing much real damage to the poor guy on the other end. All the damage done by it is converted to Stun (and Shock Points if it knocks the target out). A replacement battery costs ₡ 1, and lasts for up to 10 shocks.


A bayonet can be used independently as a knife, doing d2 Wound, or affixed to the front of a rifle or assault weapon where it does d4 Wound.


A leather or nylon sack filled with lead shot, used to knock someone down without putting ‘em in the morgue.

Bottle, Broken

Sometimes when you’re drinking and someone draws a blade, you’ve got to make the best with what’s at hand.

Brass Knuckles

This little piece of hand hardware converts unarmed damage into Basic damage instead of Stun damage (see Chapter Five: Keep Flyin’ in the Serenity Corebook for information on unarmed combat). A nasty little surprise in a bar fight.


Not exactly a hand-to-hand weapon, but something capable of imparting a bit of pain upon an enemy. Caltrops are little, monosharp, pyramid-shaped spikes coated with an armor-piercing surface polymer. The price given is per handful (about a dozen). They’re thrown or left on the ground to hinder movement. Moving through an area where caltrops are scattered is an EASY Agility + Athletics task if you know about ‘em and can see clearly. If you fail your roll and step on a caltrop, it ignores one point of Armor Rating and inflicts 1 Wound. Make another roll; if you miss that, you take another 1 Wound. If you fall on ‘em, the Game Master should determine how many you hit given how many there are and how tightly they’re bunched. Caltrops’ll puncture the tire of a wheeled vehicle, so if you’re driving one, it’s a HARD task to get past.


A good, old-fashioned heavy stick. A bit more brutal than a baton, since doing some serious damage is now an option. You can buy a metal one, but if you’re okay with something a little less deadly, you can fashion a club out of wood that works the same, but does only d4 damage (Basic).


A length of chain, usually grabbed as an improvised weapon from a toolbox or in a pinch.


An ugly, jagged blade about a yard long. Choppers are said to be favored by Reavers during hand-to-hand combat, though the Alliance Directorate views this as an excuse by Rim-ward farmers to fashion deadly weapons from scrap metal and machinery.


Anywhere from two to five metal claws affixed to a glove or handgrip. Given the wounds found on the remains of their victims, Reavers are supposedly partial to them.


A length of strong cord made out of wire, leather, nylon, or what have you, used for strangling. Fancy ones have handles to make it easy, or you can improvise if you need to. If you’re using a garrote and take your target by surprise, he’s got to make an Average Resistance (Vitality + Vitality) roll to avoid being knocked out. The Difficulty of the Resistance roll increases by two successively each turn thereafter. If the target is resisting the attack, you must make an Unarmed Combat attack each turn. If the target is passive, no roll is necessary. The garrote causes d2 Stun damage each turn.


Another supposed “Reaver” weapon consisting of a wide, axe-like blade held near the base, used up close and personal-like.


One of the most versatile hurtin’ tools ever invented, you can also use it to cut down trees and chop firewood. You can even upend it and use it like a club. (Just don’t grab it by the sharp part!)

Knife, Combat

A 6”-to-10” long blade is standard. Combat knives make deadly weapons. Can be used to stab or cut, and can also be thrown with some accuracy if you practice at it.

Knife, Utility

A paring knife or pocket knife can be used as a weapon, but not so well as others.


A broad, heavy knife used as both an implement and a weapon. Settlers on the Rim use machetes for chopping through brush.


Also called a lariat, a lasso consists of a length of rope with a loosely coiled loop at one end. Out on the ranges of the Rim, every cowhand carries a lasso for working stock. You can’t rightly kill a man with one, but you can certainly put him in a state where more harm might come to him. A lasso has a range of around 20 feet.

A character who’s been lassoed must make a HARD Strength + Agility roll to shimmy free, else his arms or legs are pinned, causing a –4 Attribute step to any Attributes that might reasonably be affected.
Cutting through a lasso is easy enough: one point of Wound damage does it.


Two short-staff lengths attached to each other with chain or rope. On Earth-That-Was, these were originally used by farmers to thresh grain. Now they’re mostly used to beat on people.


Not exactly the most common of weapons, a polearm is a long haft with some sort of blade attached, usually at a right angle. Back in days of old, a bewildering spectrum of polearms in all shapes and sizes existed. Now only museums and scholars have any idea which was which.


An unusual “Reaver” weapon consisting of a long haft with a circular, jagged-edged saw blade projecting from it. A rotor within the weapon whirls the saw at high speed, causing horrible slashing wounds.


A length of wood with a sharp end to it. One of the first weapons ever made.


A two-yard long pole made of wood, high-impact plastic, metal, or some combination of all three. Used for walking, or hitting people hard. A popular improvised weapon, you can usually make do with a length of pipe or a metal strut.


A hand-held device that delivers a powerful incapacitating shock to the target it’s directed against.

You get hit with a stunner, you take Stun damage and you’ve got to make a HARD Resistance (Vitality + Vitality) roll. Success means you suffer a –1 step on all Attributes for a minute, a condition that can accumulate with additional successful attacks.
If you fail your Resistance roll, you’re introduced to the floor, unconscious-like, and take d6 Shock points for good measure (see Serenity Corebook, page 157).

Sword, Combat

Weapon made of metal with a long blade and a hand guard. The art of swordsmanship is considered a gentlemanly sport in the Core and for the wealthy on the outer worlds, where some indulge in the tradition of dueling to the death. Might be troublesome if you don’t even know which end to hold.

Sword, Extensible

When it’s retracted, an extensible sword appears as little more’n a griplike cylinder, usually disguised as something else. Press a small release on the hilt (a safety lock keeps it from accidentally opening) and the blade extends lightning-fast into a yard of telescoping double-edged segments that lock in place magnetically. Press the release again and it scoots back into the grip. These are covert weapons, used primarily in places where they screen for weapons. Some extensible swords are made of woven mono-string carbon fibers, stronger than steel, rendering ‘em invisible to metal detectors.

Sword, Gentleman’s

Swords like this are all fancied up with extra frills and decorations, and are more prone to breaking. Many gentlemen wear these to fancy-dress shindigs, to show what bad taste they have in weapons.


If you’re caught with your guard down on your ship, the likeliest weapon to come to hand is gonna be a tool. There’s more types of hand tool than you can count, including crowbars, wrenches, I-testers, spanners, pryers, drivers, and others. Most of these fulfill the basic requirements of being relatively heavy, made of metal, and mounted on a handgrip.

Tool, Farming

Folks out on the Rim make do with whatever comes to hand if they’re threatened. Farm tools include sickles, choppers, scythes, hoes, post-holer, pitchforks, shovels, dibbers, spades, crooks, sledges, rakes, plough staves, reaping hooks, adzes, and even more esoteric implements. Nary a one’s balanced for fighting, but they’ll do the job if need be.

Tool, Power

A power tool is not something you’d likely choose in a fight, but if you’re forced, it’s better than having no weapon t’all. Examples include drills, pneumatic scrapers, welding torches, power saws, grinders, and planers.


Not exactly the most sensible weapon, a whip’s more for putting pain into someone who can’t fight back. A whip has a range equal to its length and the arm of the user, near two to three yards in total.

On an extraordinary success, you’ve entangled your opponent if you’re trying to, and can make an opposed Strength + Strength roll to pull ‘em down. An entangled target must make an AVERAGE Agility + Athletics roll to get free.

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( NOTE: Information here has been copied from the Serenity Corebook and Six-Shooters & Spaceships supplement guide.)

Hand-to-Hand Weapons

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