Item Cost(Credits/Platinum) Weight Availability Notes
Gun Rig ₡ 30/75p 16 I Hydraulic arm and shoulder straps
Harness ₡ 6/15p 3 E Adjustable combat rigging; highly customizable
Holster, Concealed ₡ 2/5p 1 I Discrete
Holster, Null ₡ 75/188p 1 I Electronically shielded
Holster, Shoulder ₡ 2/5p 1 R Garden-variety type; many styles
Holster, Speed-Draw ₡ 10/25p 2 R A gunslinger’s rig
Holster, Tactical ₡ 8/20p 2 C Military type

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Gun Rig

A shoulder-and-chest mounted harness with a projecting hydraulic swing-arm, distributing the weight of a heavy weapon and stabilizing it against recoil. Gun rigs don’t offer modifiers to accuracy or range, but using one reduces the penalty from using an unbraced machine-gun by one skill step.


An arrangement of shoulder and chest straps, a vest with detachable pockets, and a web belt, a combat harness is an essential part of any soldier’s gear while out in the field. It includes an assault sling that lets you hang your weapon ready across your chest, pointing horizontally when in combat and down when you’re idling. A harness is highly adjustable, letting you hook your gear on however you’d best like. No matter how effective it is, wearing a combat harness tends to make you stand out, so leave it at home if being conspicuous ain’t part of the plan.

Holster, Concealed

A holster meant to keep a piece out of sight, rather than at hand.

Wearing a concealed holster adds a +3 Skill step to attempts at keeping the weapon from being discovered.

Holster, Null

This interesting piece of gear is just about as illegal as you can get on the Core worlds. A null holster keeps your sidearm safe and snug, and has a mesh flap that stretches over the butt. The material of the holster is “dead” to metal detectors, chemical sweepers, and to any kind of imaging sensor you might pass through in Alliance territory. Unless they’re making you strip or patting you down, your weapons will not be found while in this holster.

Holster, Shoulder

A simple shoulder holster for one or two sidearms, configurable so you can draw upwards or outwards. No difference either way, as any sah gwa dumb enough to put a gun up where they’ve got to skin it crossbody isn’t to be taken seriously.

Holster, Speed-Draw

A gunslinger’s rig, a speed-draw holster hangs low on the upper leg, with the butt of the pistol resting just level with the palm of the wearer’s hand. Usually the tip of the holster is tied to the leg by a thin cord or strap, and the pistol’s held in place with a thumbbreak (a small strap over the hammer, snapped to the holster itself, keeping the iron in place but coming loose when it needs to). You see a fella wearing one of these you’d be wise to steer clear.

If you’re wearing a speed-draw holster and you can make an AVERAGE Agility + Guns roll,
drawing your weapon doesn’t cost an action.

Holster, Tactical

If you absolutely don’t want anyone taking your sidearm from you without your say-so, a tactical holster is for you. It features a pressure lock with a few options for releasing the catch, meaning that anyone who don’t know what parts of the lock to press suffers a –3 Skill step to disarm you.

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( NOTE: Information here has been copied from the Six-Shooters & Spaceships supplement guide.)


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