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Serenity and Firefly is a big universe to play a campaign in, and so much information does not exist because the series only lasted for fourteen episodes. The good news, though, is that a lot of fan-made information exists on the internet. The bad news is that most of the fan-made stuff contradicts itself and other sources (including the television show and movie); worlds and distances don’t match; events and places have contradictory descriptions. In order to accommodate my campaign, I’ve selected what information I want to use — disregarding the information that contradicts itself, isn’t interesting, etc. But in doing so I’ve used a variety of sources that need to be acknowledged.

  • Jim’s Gaming Page — a very detailed campaign with great background information for the ’Verse and U-War.
  • Cry Baby Productions for starting work on a (still unfinished) Firefly fan-film Bellflower. The ship, graphics and general look of their version of the ’Verse was created by Sean Kennedy
  • Zanimation Studios for having such great sci-fi themed artwork. I admit to using a fair bit of this to create the layout of my site.
  • All the artists, photographers, people whom have uploaded their images to the internet. Unfortunately I began posting, editing and cropping before I thought to keep track of owners. Sincerely, if your work wasn’t totally awesome I wouldn’t have used it. No harm intended.

And finally, Serenity and Firefly and all associated characters, logos and other identifiable elements are the property of Universal Pictures, Mutant Enemy, Inc. and 20th Century Fox Television respectively. The Serenity Roleplaying Game , and all identifiable elements are the property of Margaret Weis Productions. This campaign site makes no attempt to secure money from any of the above copyrights/trademarks; this is a fan-boy labor of love. Stay Shiny!


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