(Ranged Weapons)


Item Cost(Credits/Platinum) Availability Notes
Barrel Light ₡ 1. 2/3p E Gun illumination
Bipod ₡ 4. 4/11p E Folding or retractable legs
Carbine Remodel ₡ 6/15p E Shortened barrel and stock
Flash Suppressor ₡ 1. 6/4p E Hides muzzle flash
Scope See Description E Long-range sight
Scope, Night-Vision ₡ 32/80p C Low-light sight
Scope, Ocular ₡ 13. 6/34p C Electronic sight
Scope, Thermal ₡ 52/130p C Heat-recognizing sight
Sight, Laser ₡ 3. 6/9p E Red-dot laser sight
Silencer ₡ 5. 2/13p I Muzzle silencer
Stock, Folding/Telescopic ₡ 5/12p E Shortens rifle or longarm
Trigger Lock ₡ 10.4/26p C Prevents firearm from being used Underbarreled
Launcher ₡ 37. 2/93p I Below-barrel grenade launcher

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Barrel Light

A clip-on flashlight resting below or alongside the weapon’s barrel that illuminates the area your gun’s pointing at.


A bipod clips or folds down from the barrel or stock of a rifle, assault rifle, or machine gun, stabilizing it while you’re firing. Generally a shooter using a bipod is prone or using an object
such as a rock, fence, or window sill to elevate the weapon. A bipod provides a +1 Skill step
while taking aim (which stacks with the normal bonuses from aiming, see Serenity Role Playing Game page 153) and extends the benefits of the aim action for as long as desired (above and beyond the three turns of benefit that aiming provides).

Carbine Remodel

Carbine-remodeling means shortening the barrel of a rifle as much as can be done, and shortening or removing the stock altogether. This lowers a rifle’s range increment by one-quarter (round down), but makes it much easier to conceal and carry. The listed cost is for a professional craftsman to perform the service. Those possessing do it-yourself spirit do it for free if ’n they have adequate tools and make an AVERAGE Agility + Guns/Gunsmithing action.

Flash Suppressor

A suppressor baffles the flash from a firearm’s discharge, helping a sniper keep concealed. It has no effect on range or accuracy, but increases the Difficulty of visually spotting a sniper by two.

Sawed-off Barrel

A sawed-off barrel reduces the range of a weapon by one-third (round down), but makes it easier to conceal.

Gain a +1 Skill step when attempting to hide a weapon with a sawed-off barrel.


A sight lets you ignore range increment penalties. (See Table below).

Scope Magnification lists the increase in range before penalties are imposed, as well as the cost. You can put only a 2x or 6x scope on a pistol; a scope has no effect on a shotgun, stunner, or other
type of energy weapon.

Magnification Range Increase Cost
2x 2x ₡ 3/8p
6x 3x ₡ 4/10p
12x 4x ₡ 8/20p
24x 5x ₡ 16/40p
32x 6x ₡ 40/100p

Scope, Night-Vision

A night-vision scope enhances visible light and allows the shooter to see in the dark. It eliminates the dim and dark vision penalties (see Serenity Corebook page 155), and turns pitch black conditions into dim lighting.

p=, Scope, Ocular

A simple electronic scope, offering computer-assisted magnification and zoom capabilities. An ocular scope is more powerful than a regular scope, offering 64x magnification (7x range increment increase) or 128x magnification (8x range increase). Sometimes an ocular scope is more powerful than the effective range of the firearm.

Scope, Thermal

A thermal scope detects the heat signatures of living beings (or anything putting off radiant heat). Halve the penalties for obscured vision (see Serenity Corebook page 155); in pitch black conditions, increase the Difficulty of a normal or innate defense roll to AVERAGE.

Sight, Laser

A laser sight snaps onto a barrel and projects a nice red line of light where you’re pointing, putting a little red dot saying “Shoot here” on your target. Using one of these grants an additional +1 Skill step when aiming (which stacks with normal aiming bonuses (see Serenity Corebook page 153). A laser sight is of no benefit to bursts or autofire.


A silencer can’t entirely muffle the sound of a gunshot, but it does muddle and soften it enough that it’s more difficult to hear. Trying to hear a silenced firearm from more than 10 yards away is a HARD task, while trying to identify the location of the shooter is a FORMIDABLE one.

Stock, Folding or Telescopic

A rifle, shotgun, assault rifle, or other longarm can have a folding or telescopic stock. This has no game effects when extended other than ease of carrying. Attacks with the weapon when the
stock is retracted suffer a –1 Skill step.

Trigger Lock

A simple electronic feature, a trigger lock may be deactivated with a key, a code sequence, a fingerprint lock, or even a voice-activated release. It takes one full combat turn to release a trigger lock, but won’t you feel safer knowing that any crazy test subjects who get their hands on your sidearm won’t be able to shoot you with it?

Underbarrel Launcher

A second barrel, mounted onto the barrel of your rifle. It lets you fire grenades if simple bullets ain’t enough. An underbarrel launcher only holds one grenade at a time, so you’ve got to reload it (taking one turn) between shots.

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( NOTE: Information here has been copied from the Serenity Corebook and Six-Shooters & Spaceships supplement guide.)


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