Capital City
Fort Hastings


Planetary Information

System White Sun
Orbital Position 7 th from primary
Satellites 1. Epeuva
2. Tannhauser
Date Terraformed 2256
Diameter 13,523km
Mass 5.339×10 21 tonnes
Population 3,980,000,000
Planetary Capital Capital City
Parliamentary Overseer Ashton Davenport, Governor

Consistently known as one of the wealthiest worlds of the central planets, Osiris is also the heart of the Alliance’s judicial branch. Here the High Court hears important cases and their decisions affect the interpretation of parliamentary law with repercussions throughout the system. The Court is housed in a large pyramid-shaped building (honoring the Egyptian god of the dead for whom the world was named) in Capital City. The most important law firms are also based there, linked to their branch offices on other worlds by the Cortex. The University of Osiris boasts the most prestigious law school in the Core, as well as a fine medical school.

The home offices of the Blue Sun Corporation are also on Osiris. Originally on Sihnon, they were recently moved into a massive structure that is attached to a combined manufacturing plant, distribution center, and spacedock. The Corporation complex is off-limits to everyone except employees. No one enters, even on business, without first undergoing a thorough background check. The very latest in security systems makes this complex impossible to break into.
Landing on Osiris is restricted, though not as heavily as some planets. If you claim you need to see your lawyer, you’ll usually be permitted to set down. University students and their parents are always welcome.

The seat of planetary power on Osiris is known simply as Capital City, home to many rich and influential families, but as often the case, a notable criminal presence has established itself in the planet’s more urban areas.

1. Criminals on Osiris are known to take advantage of “blackout zones,” locations where monitoring devices were impractical and often malfunction. To combat this tendency, local security tends to punish anyone found within a blackout zone with instant jail time, whether engaging in criminal activity or not. Incoming ships should take this into account.

2. Much of Osiris is open to all air traffic. The primary exceptions are areas in the Corporate Sectors (largely Blue Sun) where no-fly rules are strictly enforced. Pilots, should synch and update their nav-path with orbital nodes upon reaching atmo.