Recreational Goods

Recreational Goods

Item Cost(Credits/Platinum) Availability Notes
Boardgame ₡ 0. 4/1p E Wide variety to choose from
Book Varies E Countless editions
Boxing Gloves ₡ 2/5p E Recreational versions
Cards ₡ 0. 2/1p E Standard deck
Climbing Gear ₡ 12/30p E Equipment enough for one climber
Hologame Table ₡ 100/250p E Programmable entertainment center
Hoverpack ₡ 1,000/2,500p C Expensive novelty item; allows flight
Musical Instrument ₡ 10/25p E Wide variety to choose from
Parachute ₡ 5/13p E Lifesaving equipment
Parasail ₡ 8/20p C Lifesaving and recreational use
Rain Stick ₡ 1. 5/4p R Tribal ceremonial instrument
Shelter, Portable ₡ 6/15p E Structure can house two comfortably, three less so
Sleepsack ₡ 2/5p E Insulated, waterproof; includes carry bag
Survival Gear ₡ 1. 1/3p E Useful wilderness survival equipment
Weight Set ₡ 12/30p E Bench, bars, weights,free weights

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Space travel is, for the most part, pretty boring, and crews often need to indulge in time-killing activites that doesn’t burn fuel cells or brain cells, or require a lot of reading. Boardgames are a common enough means of passing time between stops. The classics are still in heavy rotation, notably checkers, Chinese checkers, chess, go, and backgammon.


Printed books come in a near-unto-infinite variety of shapes, sizes, quality, and contents. On the Core planets, they’re a symbol of old wealth and education. They’re rarer on the Border Planets, where it’s usually cheaper and more practical to use databooks or other electronic storage. Out on the Rim, print books are more common, as they’re more reliable and, in some ways, more comforting to simple, honest folk. Most common book you’re liable to find out in the Rim is the Bible.

Boxing Gloves

A pair of padded gloves, used for the sweetest sport. Though boxing is no longer practiced much in the Core planets, it’s still very much in favor out among the Rim.

Boxing gloves reduce all standard hand-to-hand attacks by two Basic damage points. It also turns any Basic damage from the Mean Left Hook Trait into Stun damage.


A standard deck of cards can get you through hours that might otherwise be without purpose. Some folk might even make a living with a deck of these.

Climbing Gear

If you’ve got a hankering to climb a wall, a mountain, or the side of a building, you’ve a friend in this. Climbing gear includes pulleys, pitons, rope, chocks, ascenders, clips, a handaxe/hammer combo, and a harness. Also, gloves keep your hands safe; a helmet’s included so’s they can recognize your face when they find you at the base of the cliff.

Using such gear gives a +2 Skill step to climbing actions.

Hologame Table

Not exactly portable, this piece of furniture is topped with a field of holographic emitters. The table can be customized for pool, foosball, air hockey, or any number of other tabletop games. Handles and sticks come separately. Not-so-real parts keep people from stealing ‘em, or throwing ‘em through the windows of your less discriminatin’ establishments when tempers run too hot.


Essentially, a hoverpack is a backpack-styled jet capable of limited flight. Most are too noisy and generate too much heat to be of any practical use, though they’re sometimes favored for rapid commando strikes or rescue attempts in difficult terrain. Alliance engineers spent billions and wasted years on hoverpack projects, but in the end couldn’t solve the inherent problems. A number of prototypes entered the private sector and serve mainly as museum pieces or as stunt-show curiosities. The functional models (of which there are few) are prohibitively expensive.

Handling a hoverpack requires a Pilot/Hoverpack specialty.
P d2, M –; Seats 1; Speed 45 mph; Capacity Pilot + 150 lbs.

Musical Instrument

A wide range of instruments exist, including guitars, drums, mandolin, sitars, harps, and horns of all sizes and shapes. Most folk get some musical training during schooling, and it’s always a pleasant surprise to see what secret talents a crewmate has. Registered Companions are almost always trained in music and play at least one instrument.


A basic parachute, worn on the back, for use in the rare situation where your ship’s falling through atmo and you’ve got the chance to jettison.

Using a parachute requires an AVERAGE Agility + Athletics action.
If the roll succeeds, you take no damage from the fall.
If it fails, reduce the damage from the fall by half (round up).
Some ejection seats have built-in parachutes; these don’t require a Skill roll from the user.


A specialized form of parachute constructed with integral air channels that allow for far more maneuverability and vertical movement than a standard parachute. Parasails are sometimes used for entertainment purposes, such as might be had from being dragged behind a boat or other vehicle. Alliance forces use ‘em for covert operations; the specialists drop a ways off from a target and parasail in quietly and with little fuss. Using a parasail is mechanically the
same as using a parachute (see above).

Rain Stick

A long wooden tube sealed at both ends and filled with small beads; a number of pins pointing inward are fixed to the inner walls. When the stick is held upright or at an angle, it makes a sound like rainfall. On Earth-That-Was rain sticks were thought to summon rain, but now they’re mostly curios or musical instruments.

Shelter, Portable

This item is basically a small tent, with collapsible poles and stakes. It doesn’t provide much cover from extreme weather, but it’ll keep you dry and beats sleeping out in the open on a stormy night. Fancier versions have small heat cyclers and built-in light emitters in the central pole. Really fancy ones are made of smart cloth that just snaps into shape or folds up on its own.


A basic synthetic fiber mummybag, insulated to keep you warm. Cozy when you’re in it; easily collapsed when you’re not. If you’re in a friendly mood, you can zip two together.

Survival Gear

Generally, you’d take this little pack if you were roughing it, or as a precaution in case you find yourself stranded somewhere unexpected. Inside you’ll find useful items such as water purification pills, a mini first aid kit, a multi-tool (see entry in General Tools), a little fishing kit, a lighter, a tiny survival guide, a compass, some cable, a flare or two, a few snaplights, a wire saw, and some basic fire-starting materials.

Weight Set

A set of dumbbells, weights, bars, free weights, a rack to store them on, and a bench to lie down on while you’re lifting.

Recreational Goods

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