Sherman Cross

Town patron of Crosston, Constance and owner of Crosston Gold Mines, Sherman Cross is a reasonable, yet practical businessman. He began as a prospector at the turn of the century, finally striking it rich as the water table on Constance shifted, exposing kilometers of mineral ore. Cross claimed what was discovered to be a gold vein on Constance’s northern hemisphere.

Buying up land around his homestead, Cross began employing workers to mine the surrounding riverbed. He quickly became a rich man.

At the start of the War of Unification, Cross lost several hundred workers to the Independent Navy. Mining quotas slowed during the war. Once Armistice was reached, Cross changed his management style and began buying work contracts for indentured servants.

In 2515, Marita Cross, Sherman’s wife, was killed in a shuttle accident. Some locals claim his drive and determination has grown stronger since then.

Sherman Cross

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