Recreational Goods

Item Cost(Credits) Availability Notes
Camouflage Paint ₡ 1 E Available in a variety of colors
Chemical Body Warmer ₡ 1 E Price per 4; each lasts 4 hours
Cuffs ₡ 6 E For binding of hands and arms
Earplugs ₡ 0. 5 E Small bag of disposable earplugs
Filtration Canteen ₡ 2 E Holds 1 quart of water
Flare ₡ 1 E Price per 8
Gas Mask ₡ 4 E Includes spare filters
Glowstick ₡ 2 E Includes charge cells; lifetime guarantee
Goggles ₡ 1 E Protection for eyes
Idol, Religious Varies E Usually second-hand
Ocular ₡ 6 E Includes leather carry case
Radiation Detector ₡ 8 E Includes spare charge cell
Radiation Tag ₡ 2 E Price per 4
Restraints ₡ 20 C For binding entire body
Rucksack/Backpack ₡ 2 E Holds up to 60 pounds of gear
Snaplight ₡ 1 E Package of 20, either variety or one color
Symbol, Holy Varies E Usually a gift
Symbol, Political Varies E Like that old Browncoat patch you got on your shoulder
Toy Varies, but cheap E Grr . . . arrgh!

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Camouflage Paint

Flat canisters of camouflage paint come in a variety of natural colors (browns, greens, tans, grey, black, etc.). Cover your face with some, and you can minimize your visibility (gaining a +1 step to Covert/Camouflage actions).

Chemical Body Warmer

A small plastic pouch of crystallized chemical compound that, when agitated, warms enough to keep a body warm for a four-hour period. Using this gear adds a +1 step to appropriate Survival actions in cold-weather environments.


Plastic, alloy, or metal handcuffs used to secure a prisoner’s wrists together, either in front of or behind his body. Picking the lock of a pair of cuffs requires an Agility + Covert/Open Locks roll against a Formidable Difficulty. Breaking out of ‘em requires a Heroic Strength + Strength roll.


You can use these stoppers day-to-day in a loud area like an engine room, or even in the cockpit to muffle the yapping of an especially chatty pilot. Earplugs also provide a +1 Attribute step (perhaps using a Resistance [Vitality + Vitality] roll) to resist a sonic attack.

Filtration Canteen

A quart-sized plastic canteen, with a filtration ring at the top. The water’s potable, but it won’t be winning any taste contests.


Your standard-issue chemical flare, about the length of a pencil and near an inch thick. It activates with a simple twist at the end, and burns brightly for around an hour. Flares aid in spotting a downed crewmember; more than that and you’ve got a spur-of-the-moment landing strip.

Gas Mask

A half- or full-face mask that filters any impurities from smoke, gas, or other airborne hazards. A full-faced gas mask adds +4 to the Difficulty of any roll involving sight, and +16 to the Difficulty of detecting something by its scent.


A cross between a lantern and flashlight, a glowstick provides plenty of ambient light from the top end, and has an adjustable focusing lens that lets you shine a spotlight where you want to see more clearly.


This protective gear guards your eyes from sparks, intense light, or particle shrapnel. Highfalutin’ low-light ones let you see in the dark (halve dim and dark vision penalties, see Serenity Role Playing Game page 155).

Idol, Religious

This might be Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, or any other of a dozen different religious figures worshiped throughout the ‘Verse. Many come with candles, incense, or similarly appropriate items for that idol’s religion/philosophy.


A pair of electronically-assisted binoculars, with a digital rangefinder that tells you how far away something lined up in your sights is. Oculars auto-focus and have a range around a mile and a half. Night vision versions eliminate dim and dark vision penalties, and treat pitch black conditions as dim lighting (see Serenity Role Playing Game Corebook page 155).

Radiation Detector

A device for measuring the level of radiation in an area near the sensor. A standard model has a 10-foot range.

Radiation Tag

A small badge, worn clipped to a uniform or on a chain around the neck, measuring the level of rads you’ve soaked up. It shows a warning when radiation exposure threatens your well-being.


Restraints range from full manacles keeping a prisoner’s hands, feet, knees, and elbows secure, to a one-piece jacket that wraps a body up. Getting out of these fetters unaided is either an Agility + Covert/Open Locks (to pick the lock) or an Agility + Athletics/Contortion roll (to wriggle free) against a Ridiculous Difficulty.


Some folks call it a backpack; to others, it’s a sling bag. Whatever the moniker, it’s a canvas or suchlike bag with a strap or two for convenience. You can stuff nearly 60 pounds worth of gear into a good one.


A little tube filled with phosphorescent chemicals. Snaplights come in a few different colors. Twist it, and it glows pretty bright. Break it open, and you’ve got a few ounces of fluid that glows for a couple of hours.

Symbol, Holy

A small religious icon or sigil — usually something you’d wear hanging around the neck on a chain or cord.

Symbol, Political

A ring, patch, pin, sticker, or similar small piece of flash that tells the ’Verse where you stand on any number of political issues.


This can mean anything from a stuffed turtle, a rag doll, a set of tiny dinosaurs, a bobble-headed geisha doll, a carved wooden swan, a ball and jacks, finger puppets, or any other sort of gimcrack or gewgaw you might entertain young ones or those “young at heart.”

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( NOTE: Information here has been copied from the Six-Shooters & Spaceships supplement guide.)


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