the 10-8's


The 10-8’s were an elite Commando unit that fought in the Georgia Campaign during the War of Unification. Comprised of mainly volunteers from Shadow, the group was part of the 10 th Division, 8 th Company, commanded by Major Farris Alcott.

Following the Bombing of Shadow, the 10-8’s became viscous, bloodthirsty for revenge on the Alliance. Their next few missions marked a change in their tactics and overall strategy. The group resorted to unnecessary violence; killing wounded combatants indiscriminately; refusing to take prisoners. Their most brutal incident involved the massacre of eighty-one Alliance Infantry Soldiers who had reportedly surrendered without terms. The ‘Verse media renamed the group “the Bloodcoats” to reflect the unit’s murderous tendency.

For the remainder of the war, the 10-8’s performed dozens of high risk assaults and carried out several suicide missions aimed at Alliance targets. Consequently, very few survived to the end of the war, with no participation in Amnesty negotiations. The official post-war database lists the surviving 10-8’s as MIA.


Since 2511, rumors of surviving Bloodcoats have circulated on the Border and Rim. Recent terrorist acts and high-profile crimes have been attributed to them — though no official credit has been taken by any group claiming to be members of the Bloodcoats. If this is true, Alliance authorities would classify the group as war criminals, surrendering their rights of Amnesty if they are caught.

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the 10-8's

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