Planetary Information

System Kalidasa (Rim)
Position 1 st from primary
Primary Heaven (gas giant)
Date Terraformed 2420
Diameter 4,281km
Mass 2.527×10 21
Population 77,500,000
Capital City New Dehli
Parliamentary Overseer Arjan Treece, Governor

From a scientific perspective, Urvasi is one of the top 25 most successful terraforming projects in the ‘Verse. To look at it from the ground it appears normal by earth standards. (meaning: salted oceans, stretches of prairie and mountainous terrain, verdant forests, etc.) The Alliance Colony and Settlement Authority’s annual report cites Urvasi as “an appealing environment” for settlers, as well as “a good place to start a new life.” During

The variety of environments also allows for several industries to flourish. In the coastal regions, tropical fruits (pineapple, mango, papya, guava, coconut, et al.) grow. In forest regions many wood-based industries exist (furniture, sculpting, etc.). In Urvasi’s southern hemisphere, mining became prevalent once silver, gold and Molybdenum ore were discovered in the mountains.

The Corone Mining Consortium has a strong hold on much of the mining industry. It’s planetary headquarters is in the city of Pasqual Station.

Urvasi suffered some of the worst casualty numbers during the war. An estimated 1 in 50 volunteers did not return from service, leaving many personally owned ranches, farms and mines without an owner. Surviving family members quickly found themselves with few options and land going to waste. By 2513, the Corone Mining Consortium arrived to offer their “assistance” and offered large sums for the now-unused mining deeds. According to some reports, the CMC owns nearly 45% of all mines on Urvasi. The same reports say that the CMC is still in heated talks to acquire more.

During the Unification War, Urvasi sheltered many Independent Units and top commanders. Some towns were re-named to honor their heroes — especially when they visited for extended periods of time. Rui Li currently owns a farm on the outskirts of Ruiville. And Evan Ambrose has two towns named for him: Ambrose Crossing and Ambrose Junction.