Planetary Information

Designation P/2029(Kalidasa)12
Sun Orbited Kalidasa
Orbital Position 13 th from primary
Satellites None
Date Terraformed 2430
Diameter 9,931km
Mass 3.733×10 21 tonnes
Population 12,000,000
Planetary Capital Lewisburg
Parliamentary Overseer Eustace R. Monroe, Governor


Aberdeen is rich with fertile farmland, beautiful views, and quiet residents. Where there is not farmland there is stone to be quarried or ice to be mined. All three play a significant role in the world’s economic output.

Several companies have risen to universal prominence in their areas of export.


During the war, Aberdeen originally sided with the Independent Faction, used for its various resources. However, once the Alliance arrive the world’s governments and population quickly changed sides, signing the Articles of Unification. Despite this, Aberdeen was never fully used in any capacity except as a way-point to garrison troops while attempting to overtake Beaumonde and Verbena. To the present day, many in Kalidasa System still feel resentment towards the world’s population.


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