Planetary Information

System Blue Sun (Rim)
Orbital Position 1 st from primary
Satellites 1. Burnet
Date Terraformed 2430
Diameter 9,476km
Mass 3.402×10 21 tonnes
Population 7,500,000
Capital City Brisbane
Parliamentary Overseer Joshua Xi, Governor

Predominately water, Meridian’s contribution to the ’Verse economy is based on it. Of note is Happy Happy Yum-Yum Fish Works, LTD. , a company that produces some of the best caviar and fish roe available anywhere. Aside from water-based businesses, Meridian is also home to a thriving textiles industry.

Meridian has been the de facto capital of the Blue Sun since colonization in the system began. However, since the population is so sparse throughout the system, and Meridian itself is sparsely populated, the planet has little “Capital comforts” to offer visitors.

Meridian was one of the first worlds in Blue Sun to respond to the Georgia Coalition’s call to battle at the start of the War.


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