The Monastery at Paolina


Paolina is a farming village on Beaumonde’s southern hemisphere. Historically known for its self-sufficiency, Paolina is home to the Paolina Monastery — site of one of the Unification War’s worst massacres.

Since it’s founding, the Monastery at Paolina has been a meditation retreat for a number of religious faiths. The Paolini Monks observe pacifism and inward resolve to solve problems, and made their beliefs known at the outbreak of war.


Despite the Paolini Monks’ views on war and fighting, they understood their obligation to aid and assist anyone who sought refuge in their Monastery.

During the second invasion of Beaumonde, Independent troops were forced to retreat from New Dunsmier. Some squadrons sought out the Paolini Monks to help. Their requests were met with disinterest, though the monks agreed to house those who desired the sanctuary they offered.

Battle of Paolina

Unknown to the Monks, during their stay at Paolina Independents established a listening outpost in caverns beneath the Monastery. From there Independents could track Alliance fleet movements and Broadwave transmissions. The outpost remained secret for nearly two years, until new UAP transmission reference codes were put into use. The new codes allowed UAP counter-intelligence to use ping-relections and locate the listening outpost.

On April 5, 2510 three platoons of Alliance Troops entered the Paolina Monastery. What happened next has never been proven, though reports claim that the residing monks were interrogated, beaten and killed for information about the Independents’ presence. What is known is that IF troops learned of the invasion and left the caverns to intervene. The ensuing battle lasted for ten days, finally ending in the IF’s favor, but not before their listening outpost was destroyed.

Current Events

Beginning in 2511, an annual meditation vigil occurs at the Paolina Monastery. Participants honor the 73 monks whose lives were lost during the ten day battle.


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