Season 1 Episode 3

The Crew of Serephim is traveling outward in Kalidasa System towards Beaumonde to find a buyer for the guns and equipment “recovered” from the mine on Urvasi. The ship is suddenly halted by a navigation malfunction. Paige and Boomer suit up to inspect the Nav-Sat from the ship’s exterior. They find an emergency Broadwave buried in the navigation signal. The signal is from a damaged Traveller Class Transport called The Fontaine. It’s location is only a few hours off their present course, so the Crew decides to investigate.

As they approach, The Fontaine doesn’t respond to waves or communications attempts. They find the ship dragged by the gravity well of an asteroid. Nothing shows up on Seraphim’s scanners indicating a trap, and, in fact, their target does indeed look damaged.

Isabelle and Cecillia work together and dock with The Fontaine, but notice a sudden pull as they complete the procedure. Thinking little of it, several crew members suit up and explore the vessel.

The inside of The Fontaine is stripped of all comforts. Tables, beds, chairs, dishes, everything a crew would need, is missing. The cockpit door is welded shut. In the engine room they discover a computer program running and a line conected to the engines. Unable to


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